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Cheetah Bag

The Cheetah Bag is another great idea from Cheetah Stand. This high quality canvas bag is constructed from durable impact resistant canvas. As you know from other products we offer, attention to detail is always evident. The Cheetah Bag is uniquely designed to hold 2-cheetah C8 Stands, 2-43″ umbrellas and 2-umbrella holders. The 6 pocket interior design makes access to your photography equipment a breeze. An Additional outer pocket makes storing accessories safe and easy to access. The bag dimensions are 30″ high by 7″ in diameter. Compact, light-weight and durable. A must for the photographer at heart. Additional...

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Cheetahstand, photography equipment designed by photographers

For over 20 years I have been a professional photographer. Many years ago I realized that most photography equipment, stands, lights, etc. are designed by engineers and not photographers. CheetahStand products are designed to simplify the work of photography at an affordable price. CheetahStand is a must have for any photography enthusiast. Regardless of your skill level the CheetahStand will not disappoint. The smooth, single hand operation is second to none. Just lift and then place into new location. The legs of the stand automatically spring out creating a stable stand able to support 6 pounds. The CheetahStand is...

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Introducing the CheetahStand!

The CheetahStand is an automatic light stand along the same vein as the Redwing Quickstand or Kwik Stand.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Redwing of the Kwik Stand, an automatic light stand has legs that automatically open when you put the stand down and fold back up when you pick it up, that way you don’t have to worry about bumping the legs of the light stand into anything when you move it around. Some of you have probably seen the Scott Kelby video for the now discontinued Kwik Stand where he talks about being...

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