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Master your speedlight with our Speed Pro Reflector and Barn Door Set

The Cheetah Speed Pro Reflector and Barn Door Set will give you maximum control over your speed light. Use the barn doors to control the spread of your light.  Close it in to feather the light for softer shadow to highlight transitions.  Or use it as a gobo to keep light off certain parts of your subject when using it as hair or background light.  Use your imagination!  Remember all these four doors do is to prevent light from going where you DONT want it. Use the grid to cut down on spill and spread of your light, almost...

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Got a Qbox?Want to use it on a monolight?The answer is here!

You can now mount your Qbox 24 or 16 on Bowen,  Photogenic, or Alien Bees/White Lightning (Balcar) lights.   The adapter plate is a ring that mounts on your light that allows you to attach your Qbox to it just as you would with our Qbox bracket.   The Bowens adapter ring also works with our Speed Pro Bracket.  For more info hit the following link. Adapter Ring For Cheetah...

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