Check out our new additions to our inventory for the new year.

Canon 70-200 Lens Mug

Stainless Steel Canon 70-200 Canon lens mug with non slip bottom and sip lid.

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Nikon 24-70 Zoomable Lens Mug

For you Nikon fans out there we have a Nikon 24-70 Lens mug with working zoom ring and AF/M focus switch.

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Cheetah Speed Pro Bracket MKII

New and improved version of the Speed Pro Bracket.  New features include 3.5 cm longer to work with 580+AC5+TT5.  Vertical support for flash head to reduce stress on hot shoe.

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The Cheetah Wing for Speed Pro and QBox Brackets

The Cheetah Wing gives you more room to attach accessories to your Speed Pro or Qbox brackets.  It comes in two versions one for the Cheetah Speed Pro bracket and another for our Qbox bracket.

Cheetah Wing for Qbox Bracket

Cheetah Wing for Speed Pro Bracket

Cheetah Mini Bounce

One size fits all foldable flash diffuser.  Features a silver backing to more efficiently put light out the front.

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Short Style Umbrella Holder

This short style umbrella holder puts your flash head closer to the umbrella shaft axis for more even light distribution.  Includes the same geared locking mechanism as our Deluxe umbrella holder.

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And last but now least….

68″ and 86″ Silver Parabolic Umbrellas

Has a standard umbrella shaft to work with most umbrella holders.

68″ and 86″ Parabolic Umbrella