The Cheetah Speed Pro Reflector and Barn Door Set will give you maximum control over your speed light.

Use the barn doors to control the spread of your light.  Close it in to feather the light for softer shadow to highlight transitions.  Or use it as a gobo to keep light off certain parts of your subject when using it as hair or background light.  Use your imagination!  Remember all these four doors do is to prevent light from going where you DONT want it.

Use the grid to cut down on spill and spread of your light, almost like a spot light.  You can get a similar effect by closing down the barn doors.  The magic comes when you use both.   Want just a narrow strip of light?  Then use the grid and close down the barn doors.

The color gels can be added to spruce up an otherwise boring background.   Feather it with the barn doors to give a smooth gradient.  Or use it with the grid and close down the barn doors to give just a spot of color behind your subject.    You can also use the gelled light as a rim light for added interest.   Our gel holders are held in by two magnets at the top so you can even use it pointed down without worrying about the gels falling out.  The set comes with blue, red, green, and yellow color gels.  Or you can remove the included color filters and add your own gels such as a CTO gel to warm up your light.

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Cheetah Speed Pro Reflector and Barn Door Set