Also known as a “C” Stand.  If you are looking for a rock solid stand to hold up your largest lights or modifiers then our century stand is the answer.   It comes in four versions.

Our standard Century Stand with 50″ Grip arm and two grip heads.   The top of the stand and both of ends of the grip arm come with standard 5/8″ mounting studs so you can use it as a light weight boom arm.  The grip heads can be used to hold flags, gobos, scrims, etc.  The standard stand comes in either black or silver chrome.

Our Century Boom Stand comes in two varieties.  The most compact is the Century Combination Boom Stand.  This stand is a combination of our Cheetah Boom and our standard Century Stand.   The boom arm stores in the center column and allows you to use the stand as either a light stand or a boom.  The other century boom is our heavy duty version.  This version comes with our standard black Century Stand and our heavy duty boom head and arm.  The boom head mounts to the top of the stand and can be removed to use the stand as a regular Century Stand.

All our stands come with a removable base with spring loaded folding legs for easy transport and storage.

Get a Century for a Century!

As a special introductory offer we are offering our standard Century Stands and Century Combination Boom Stand for only a $100.

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Century Stand with Grip Arm Chrome

Century Stand with Grip Arm Black

Century Combination Boom Stand Chrome

Century Stand with Grip Arm and Heavy Duty Boom Arm Black