The Cheetah Bag is another great idea from Cheetah Stand. This high quality canvas bag is constructed from durable impact resistant canvas. As you know from other products we offer, attention to detail is always evident. The Cheetah Bag is uniquely designed to hold 2-cheetah C8 Stands, 2-43″ umbrellas and 2-umbrella holders. The 6 pocket interior design makes access to your photography equipment a breeze. An Additional outer pocket makes storing accessories safe and easy to access. The bag dimensions are 30″ high by 7″ in diameter. Compact, light-weight and durable. A must for the photographer at heart.

IMG_4963Additional clips on outside of bag allows for transporting small photography tripod.


Durable zippers and clasps help secure your equipment making your photography experience far more enjoyable and productive. Stay tuned for other great ideas from Cheetah Stand. 

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