For over 20 years I have been a professional photographer. Many years ago I realized that most photography equipment, stands, lights, etc. are designed by engineers and not photographers. CheetahStand products are designed to simplify the work of photography at an affordable price.

CheetahStand is a must have for any photography enthusiast. Regardless of your skill level the CheetahStand will not disappoint. The smooth, single hand operation is second to none. Just lift and then place into new location. The legs of the stand automatically spring out creating a stable stand able to support 6 pounds.


The CheetahStand is constructed from the highest quality materials. Where other stands use plastic c-clamps for stabilizing the extension pole, CheetahStand uses high impact aluminum clamps. Built to last, the CheetahStand is extremely functional. Square tubing instead of round tubing makes the mechanics of the stand operate more smoothly. Also creating less wear on critical parts of the stand.

What makes the CheetahStand unique? When I shoot weddings I have always had a problem maneuvering between pews. Not having to reach down and fasten a clamp has made my photography work far more enjoyable. The sturdy construction and small footprint allows for placement in those tight places that I normally would have avoided. Photography is my life. The CheetahStand makes it more enjoyable.

CheetahStand, designed by photographers for photographers.

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