The CheetahStand is an automatic light stand along the same vein as the Redwing Quickstand or Kwik Stand.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Redwing of the Kwik Stand, an automatic light stand has legs that automatically open when you put the stand down and fold back up when you pick it up, that way you don’t have to worry about bumping the legs of the light stand into anything when you move it around.

Cheetah Stand 8



Some of you have probably seen the Scott Kelby video for the now discontinued Kwik Stand where he talks about being able to move the light between pews, well there are many more uses for automatic light stands than that.  Where I find the stand most useful is during the wedding reception when you have to move the light in between tables or through crowds, collapsible legs are a lifesaver.  The CheetahStand also saved my butt in a couple occasions during the cake cutting when I thought the bride was right handed and set up the lighting that way but when she picked up the knife she was left handed with a regular light stand I would have been in trouble but with the CheetahStand I was able to pick it up and move it through the crowd and set it down just in time to capture the shot.

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